Chamber of commerce of Benevento


Chamber of Commerce of Benevento web siteThe aim of The Chamber of commerce of Benevento is to channel the interests of local economy into a new development model.

This new model points to enterprise innovation and creation of a network of activities based on a high-level competencies, in order to give a decisive impulse to competitive skills of Sannio territory.

The Chamber of commerce of Benevento acts through the Valisannio, a public-owned company born in 1996 to encourage the growth and the improvement of business system of Benevento. Valisannio organizes activities and projects aimed at steering businessmen towards the unstable economic system, and it supports them in playing an active rule in the system of offer and demand, assuring the applications of strategies in line with the internationalization, a decisive element in the development of the local enterprises.

Benevento Numbers:

Enterprise 35.122

Value added (millions of euro) 3.448,5

Employed 102.000

Territorial area (Kmq) 2.070,64

Towns 78

Population 287.042


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