Campania Union of Chambers

Regional Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of the Campania

Recent legislative reforms concerning the Chambers of Commerce have given birth to a meaningful process of innovation in terms of institutional weight and services.

A transformation which has created new tasks and challenges to be accomplished by the general System of Chambers of Commerce, not excluding former tradition, yet offering greater autonomy to their functionality, aimed at a tangible growth of local economy.

The role and importance of each Chamber of Commerce has developed considerably, together with the Regional Associations, representing the associative expression of the very interest of the Chambers. On such basis Unioncamere Campania is the main interactive subject of the Regional Government in primis, but also National, European and International Institutions, representing the issues of the economical system of Campania region and of the five Chambers of Commerce of Irpinia Sannio, Caserta, Napoli and Salerno.

The main purpose of Unioncamere Campania is the improvement, the growth and the development of the local resources and of the regional industrial system, by means of an effective support and coordination of the activities of the associated Chambers.

President Ciro Fiola


In the service of Campania system

The regional Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Craftsmanship is the association of the four Campania Chambers of Commerce which introduce the production system of  about a half million  enterprises operating in every field.

Unioncamere Campania, member of the national and international network of the Chamber System, is the crossroad of the regional network of  the Chambers of Commerce with their public-owned enterprises and private-owned firms. 


The Regional Union of Campania Chambers of commerce operates in different fields:

  • the Political and institutional cooperation: in coordinating and supporting the Campania Chambers of commerce dealing with: Region, all national and international institutions and public, social and private authority operating in the economic development.
    Unioncamere Campania cares for the interests of the Campania Chamber of Commerce and carries out activities and services focusing on cooperation.
  • The promotion of the economic development - promotion of the development of the economic regional fabric through services to support the Campania enterprise network in Italy and abroad.